Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Pencils Time!

It's Wednesday, time for the pencils of the next two pages of the comic.

Lets start off with Page 5. As usual, after thumb nailing the page I drew each of the characters separately and scanned them in. I created the panels I needed and quickly sketched out ideas for the backgrounds that I had in mind. I added two additional figures during this process, the Lunch Hag, seen on the last panel, and the janitor in panel 2. I ended up drawing them in my sketch book along with weird foods to put in the buffet in the last panel.

Remember nothing is set in stone. If you feel like your image needs something more just throw it in there. Also remember, keep things simple but interesting. It's easier to add something than it is to take it away. I definitely have learned that the hard way and it can be a pain.

I searched the internet for similar reference images I could use for the backgrounds I sketched out. Lately I've been looking for reference images that I can just collage together to get a better visual of what I want. I just touch it up the way I want it and make my own adjustments in Photoshop until I get what I'm looking for.

Page 6: I know the backgrounds look more finished than the rest of the page. That's because I forgot to save the sketch work and only realized this while I was doing panel 3. Oopsy.

The background lines are a collage of my own pencils and modified photo images I put together. I then put them through the cutout and poster edge filter in Photoshop. This has been saving me a lot of time with doing the backgrounds. It also gives me the look and feel I want.

Alright, til next time,


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