Wednesday, October 7, 2009


Good Morning! I'm feeling very motivated and inspired today. I've gotten a lot done and it's only around 10:30a.m.

Well here we are again and it's time for today's morning warm up sketch : D

Here we have Grave hitting his finishing move on some unlucky opponent. I wanted his finishing move to be something quick and devastating, so I went with one of my favorite moves, the super kick. You might also know the move as "Sweet chin music" made famous by the legendary Shawn Michaels.

This is one of the quicker warm up sketches I did. Used a reference pic of Shawn Michaels because the kick isn't a straight side kick but more of high back kick. Or at least when performed by Michaels.

The reason I picked the Super Kick for Grave's finisher? It's quick, can come from outta no where, and it's going to be a blast to draw! I'm really going to love drawing the move in different perspectives and figuring out new and interesting ways to display it on the page.

Now it needed a name. Most pro wrestling finishers are named after the superstar that performs them, so I went with the GRAVEYARD SHIFT! Sounds cool enough, right?

I'm really happy with the way it turned out. Really happy with the look on Grave's face, It has a goofy seriousness to it, which can sum up most of his personality, hahaha.

Alright, well back to work, later!

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  1. Oof! Now that will keep the opponent down for a good while, although I'm more of a holds fan, this just looks really aweosme! and it does look fun to doodle as well.