Monday, October 26, 2009

Nightmare Castle Background Sketches & Nicole makes an appearance

So this is my first post on our blog! Since Jon's an amazing artist I usually leave the drawing to him and focus on writing for the comic and tweaking the website but every so often I do sketches to help brainstorm ideas.

This is a collection of some small sketches I did about things that could be in the background when characters are in the hallways of Nightmare Castle.

As Jon has mentioned before, he likes to do really detailed backgrounds as a way to make the Nightmare Castle feel like a real place where things are going on beyond the panels of the comic.

Mixing and matching different historic periods seems to help create the spooky aesthetic we're going for so I thought it would be fun to have a medieval suit of armor mixed with some Victorian style portraits and a tufted sofa.

Or a monster clinging to the wall with some books on his back next to some bird cages and a sleeping plant that will probably be hungry when it wakes up.

(Cycloptopus is just a side sketch of an idea that Jon had for an octopus wrestler -- it made me think of an octopus wearing a wrestling sling with a little tentacle mustache under his beak)

I don't know how many of these ideas will make it into the comic but I always think it's cool to see Jon transform my sketches into something that fits into the NPW Universe.

And actually if you like drawing you can even send Jon a monster you created and he'll put them in the crowd at an NPW wrestling match. The first match is coming up at the end of this first issue so you still have time to send one in :D

Also, the new pages for this week are up so check them out on the website at!

Love and whatnot ----> Nicole


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    - N

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