Wednesday, January 27, 2010

NPW Comic Page 30 sketches & inks

Page 30!! Oh wow, it feels nice to say that. Not that I hate doing the comic or anything, it will just be nice to be done with Issue #1 and moving on. I'm excited about the story lines I have planed for the first story arc. Take Issue one as a pilot episode, since I was still developing what I wanted during its creation.

Page 30: I've had the idea for this page in my head for a while now. It's nice to finally see it as a page. I took a quick short cut in panel 1. I couldn't get Milky Roach to look right, so I just scanned in an image I already had of him and touched it up. Saved a lot of time.

You will also notice no real speed lines yet. Lately I've been adding those in after the paints, so I have a better idea of how they will look when the image is completed.

Alright gotta get started on painting. Check back Friday to see page 31 Sketches and Inks.


Thursday, January 21, 2010

Nightmare Pro Wrestling Webcomic Page 28 roughs and Inks

So you might have noticed that the "pencil" page doesn't actually look like I did it with pencils. I ran out of pages in my sketchbook and decided to try sketching out the page straight onto the computer and I had an epiphany. Sketching straight into the computer saves me from having to draw out each panel, scan the pencils into my laptop and fit the page together.

Maybe that doesn't sound like a very long process, but it is for me anyway. This way is a big time saver and I really like the way it looks. I think I've finally perfected the line style I want for the comic.

I have also started finishing one page entirely, from roughs to paints and then continuing on to the next page. This has been a lot more efficient for me instead of penciling two pages, then inking both pages, then coloring both pages.

With the last few pages I've been experimenting a lot with different inking and coloring styles and methods so now that I've made these discoveries I'm hoping I'll be able to update a lot more often.

Thanks to all for reading,


Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The Masked Mummy 2

Here's some more of one of the new characters I'm designing for Nightmare Pro Wrestling webcomic. The Masked Mummy!! I did end up changing a few things from the original design,

1. The left arm in the pencils, as I stated in my last Masked Mummy post, was a bit off. I changed his arm slightly and ended up with something I was really happy with. subtle but noticeable.

2. Added a few more bandages and tore them up a bit.

3. Stretched out the image a bit to make him wider than I originally had him.

The colors are not done yet and I'm just messing with colors to see how they look. I ended up with this color scheme and like it so far. Not completely set on it, still gonna mess with some other color ideas.

Alright, hope you all enjoy the beginning stages of the Masked Mummy.


Tuesday, January 5, 2010

The Masked Mummy

Here is the beginning sketch of one of several new characters I plan on adding to the roster of my Nightmare Pro Wrestling web comic.

I did this sketch early on in the development of the Nightmare Pro Wrestling comic. Not sure how happy I am with it yet. The left arm bothers me a bit. Before I put it up I'll probably tweak it a bit till I'm happy with it.

Anyway I plan to post blogs about the development and proccess of this character all the way from beginning sketch to finished and painted image. So check back often! I also plan on posting up some more characters soon.


Nightmare Pro Wrestling Webcomic Page 24 and 25 Inks

Well here are the Inks for Nightmare Pro Wrestling webcomic pages 24 & 25.
Talk about posting something late, lol.

Well I have developed an inking process that I feel suits the comic better. What I do now is go over my pencils again loosely and add a bit more detail. After that I scan in the pencils and put it through a couple of filters. I use the poster edges & cut out filters to get the pencils where I want them. I then touch them up a bit until I feel they look right.

Once I'm happy with the way they look I bring them into photoshop and put them through Livetrace and TA DA!

The new Inks look a little grittier and hand touched which I think adds to the whole atmosphere of Nightmare Pro Wrestling's world of monsters.