Friday, October 9, 2009

Inks for Pages 3 & 4.

Well it's Friday. Again? Wow, now that I'm doing the pages for my comic and morning sketches on a regular schedule, time has just been flying by. One of my best friends gets married next week up in Houston, I'm looking forward to having a blast up there. Then my wife and I have to prepare for HALLOWEEN. Halloween is my favorite holiday and it's a big thing with my family. We're going to take a six hour (blah) drive just to celebrate it with them, should be great. What are we going to dress as? You're gonna have to wait and see.

Alright to the pages.

I've tightened everything up in Illustrator and used a lot of stock and props I created specifically for the comic.

One of the reasons I wanted the backgrounds to look more realistic than the actual characters is that I wanted there to be the feeling of the possibility of other things going on within the backgrounds. I wanted to promote that there were other things going on in the castle besides the characters we see in the panels. In the final version of the pages I will add small details like glowing red eyes, bats, or monsters in the background doing stuff. That's also why I added the security guard in the background.

The security guard looks a little off perspective. I wanted him to be huge, so in the final colored version, which you can see on Monday at my website(, I made him huge. I didn't want him to be too important in the panels but just wanted him there for mood and thought the idea of a giant monster security guard would be fun.

These pages were done during my whole feeling out phase. The lizard falling joke, again which you can see in its entirety in the finished pages, is something I thought would be funny. Hopefully it works.

The background in panel 3 I designed early on and kept in my stock/prop images for the castle.

I think the the only thing I would have changed is the direction Grave and Igor are walking in panel three. If I were to flip the image, Igor would be on the wrong side of Grave and I design the panels for Igor to be on the left side of Grave. That's where my philosophy of letting a page go even if you're not 100% happy with it. You have to know when to let go, learn from it, and do better on the next page.

Besides all that I'm really happy with the way these pages turned out.



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