Wednesday, October 21, 2009

NPW Webcomic Page 7 and 8 Pencils

Blah! I stayed up late watching the Office then got up early as usual but I was too tired to workout. Still feeling a little rundown. No more sleeping late for me.

Here are the pencils for pages 7 and 8.

Page 7: I'm finding that drawing all the key images first, scanning them, creating the page, then quickly sketching out the other elements in Photoshop, is really working for me. It allows me to see how the page will look put together. It also lets me do quick adjustments to the page with little trouble. Panel 4 is my favorite panel of the page. I'm really happy with the way the deranged look on Lobo came out.

Page 8: The panel layout was a little more complicated on this page, so I just quickly did it in squares and lowered the opacity. Again I drew out all the key images in my sketch book, scanned them in to my computer, and quickly sketched out the other elements in Photoshop. My favorite panel of the comic so far is on this page and it also happens to be panel 4. I'm really happy with the body language that came across in this panel. I feel I got Grave's energy and enthusiasm down, as well as Lobo's frightened hesitation.

All right thats enough for now. Come back during the week for more warm up sketches and INKS of these two pages on FRIDAY.


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