Monday, October 5, 2009

Luna -- Morning Sketch

Bleh! It's been a little frustrating setting up the website stuff and things associated with the website. I hope I get used to the routine quickly. It's already noon and I haven't even gotten to finishing up some pages yet.

Well Here's my morning warm up sketch for the day. What is a morning warm up sketch you ask? It's just a quick sketch I do every morning before I get to work on my comic. It loosens me up and gets me in the right frame of mind.

I sketch it as quickly as possible in non-photo blue pencil, then go over it in regular pencil, touching up all the details.

This sketch is of Luna and a fan eager to get her autograph. I really happy with the way the fan turned out. Nice and chubby and cute. Im happy with Luna, the only problem i have is with the way her hands, or rather, her hand came out.

Oh well its only a quick sketch, right?



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