Thursday, December 31, 2009

Nightmare Pro Wrestling Pages 24 and 15 Pencils

Well it looks like my update schedule is still suffering from the Holidays. Hopefully everything will be back to normal soon.

Here are pages 24 and 24 of the NPW webcomic. I'm excited to finally be getting to the action portion of the comic.

The pencils are done a little tighter this time around because I've changed my method of inking, which you can check out on the last two updates on my website. This new inking method is quicker and I think more suitable for the feel of the comic. I'll explain further about the new inking process when I upload the Inked pages on Friday.

I'm pretty happy with the panel layout as well as the action going on. I'm not to sure about Devastator Dragon though. I originally wanted a upshot of him but I feel like I've had a lot of those in previous pages. I think he needs to look more menacing so I might redo the image.

Well come back on Friday to check out the Inks and be on the look out for great things from Nightmare Pro Wrestling in 2010!


Friday, December 11, 2009

NPW Page 20 and 21 Inks

Here are the Nightmare Pro Wrestling inked pages 20 and 21.

If Nightmare Castle's Dining Hall looks a bit different that when you first saw it, it's because it is. The old version of the Dining Hall was taking way too long to do. So I came up with a simplified, cleaner version of it.

I'm not sure if the backgrounds will take away from the characters interaction with each other in page 21. I'll test it out and see what it looks like.

Quick note, I made all the outlines of the foreground characters thicker and the characters that are more in the background have thinner outlines. This is just something subtle that helps establish depth. Just a little advice for you aspiring comic book artists out there.

Alright, have a great weekend.


Thursday, December 10, 2009

NPW Comic Page Pencils-pages 20 & 21

I'm finally getting back to my blog. It's been a while but now I'm back, a lot of stuff has been going on but let's not get into that. Here are the pencils for pages 20 & 21 of Nightmare Pro Wrestling. These two pages came out really well. I'm especially happy with the acting of the characters.

After drawing these pages I have discovered that I really like drawing the Beast. He was originally going to be a minor character but now, I feel that he deserves a slightly bigger role.

These to pages are also the last pages before we get to the pro wrestling portion of the comic. Now that's really exciting.

Make sure to check out the Inks of these two pages on Friday, here on my blog, and the complete pages on Monday, at the website.


Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Technical Difficulties

It seems like it's just been one thing after another lately. First we were sick, then it was Thanksgiving (not that our Thanksgiving was bad, but delicious foods and spending a wonderful long weekend with family is not conducive to frequent blog posts and producing comic pages). And last week the wifi signal we've been using was suddenly locked. Boo.

But we'll be getting our own internet this week and then we can be back to our regular scheduled programming: 2 new comic pages on on Mondays, upcoming Comic Page Pencils on Wednesday, upcoming Comic Page Inks on Friday, and warm-up sketches in between.