Thursday, October 1, 2009

Issue 1 Cover - Pencils

I just saw the trailer for the Nightmare on Elm St. remake. It looks good, if you can ignore that the first opening credit says "From Producer Michael Bay." I know Wes Craven wasn't involved in the remake at all, the studio or whoever didn't even try to contact him, but I'm going to check it out any way. I personally think the casting of Jackie Earle Haley was a great choice. Again I don't want to make any judgment calls yet. I gotta see it first to do so.

Anyway, here are the pencils for the cover of NPW Issue 1.

Here is a sketch for the cover of Issue 1. I started off with Grave and got his pose down during the sketch but the other characters need a little work. I'm happy with where the characters are in relation to each other but not how they are positioned. Midway through the sketch I felt like it needs something more. So I decide to add the Ring Squid (a creature you will learn more about in the comic.) to the background.
I always draw each character separately, so if I'm not happy with their placement I can move them around once I scan them into my Mac.

Once they're all scanned in, I use Photoshop to place them the way I want them. Using the brush tool, I sketched in the wrestling ring and where I wanted the Squid's tentacles to go.

You might have noticed that the design of the placement for Victor Monstor changed. Always remember that your design is not set in stone. If you want to change it, well, change it. I feel that the way he is positioned now feels more dramatic and adds to the flow of the design. I also added Lil' Fraken in there because the two are inseparable in the comic.

Soooo, I don't have the pencils for pages 1 & 2. I was still figuring out the process of creating the the pages, and forgot to save the pencils : /

I do have the inks and I will post those along with the inks for the cover, so don't judge that me to much. I was actually thinking of faking some pencil work but that would be too time consuming and just WRONG. I promise that the rest of the pages will have pencils to post : D

Alright well hope you enjoyed the blog,