Friday, February 26, 2010

Nightmare Pro Wrestling Issue 1 is done.

I'm finally done with Issue 1 of Nightmare Pro Wrestling! The first issue has been a great learning experience for me. When I read through all of the pages I saw a lot of ways that I had grown as an artist and I'm proud to have something tangible to show for all my effort.

I have to give a quick thank you to the guys over at Art and Story, Chris Oatley, and the guys at Big Illustration Party Time. Without their influence and inspiration I would have never taken that big step to just go for it and do the comic.

And I also want to say thank you to everyone who reads Nightmare Pro Wrestling. The comic was just an idea in my head for such a long time that it's really great to know that there are people out there reading and enjoying it.

Maybe it doesn't seem like much but finishing this issue is a really big deal for me. To anyone out there who has something that they want to do but are afraid to take that next step, just jump in. It feels great.


Thursday, February 25, 2010

Nightmare Pro Wrestling Issue 2 Page 1 Inks.

So this is my second and I feel better try at Page 1 of Issue 2. Unfortunately, I was unhappy with my first design of the this page and was in such a hurry to correct it, I forgot to save the original design and the roughs of both. Won't happen again.

The original image on panel 1 had the Nightmare Tortoise turned a lot more to the right. It looked way too ordinary and being the biggest panel on the page, I wanted something a bit more dynamic. So I turned him a bit and did a upshot of him, with the results looking a lot better.

The concept of the Nightmare Tortoise is that he carries Nightmare Castle to the next location that Nightmare Pro Wrestling is supposed to have a show. He tends to destroy cities and things along his journey but the monsters in this world don't really care because Nightmare Pro Wrestling is such a big and important part of life here in this world.

Alright, I will hopefully have the roughs and Inks up of Page 2 up on Friday. I should be starting them today.


Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Nightmare Pro Wrestling Page 32

Page 32 sketches and Inks. I've been finding that sketching out the page on the computer also has the benefit of me feeling more free with my sketches. This allows me to be looser and I think my final inks benefit from that. I don't know that it would work for everyone but it's really working well for me.

I was a little worried about how this page was going to come out, due to lack of sleep the night before. I did get a little frustrated when some panels didn't come out the way I wanted. So I stopped what I was doing and took another stab at the page the next day. When I tackled the page in the morning, things just came together. I erased what I didn't like and I ended up with another page that I'm very happy with.