Friday, October 30, 2009

Page 9 & 10 inks

Page 9 & 10 Inks

Well it's Friday. Wow time has been going by pretty quickly. This weekend will be awesome though, gonna go spend time with my family for HALLOWEEN. Should be great!

Page 9: I didn't put the flames behind Grim on the 2nd to last panel yet because I don't want them outlined in black. I think if they are, then they would take away from the panel. I'm really happy with the over all flow of the page.

Page 10: I really love the way this page came out. If you look closely you can see little details, like spider webs. The light source for most of this page will be coming from the candelabra in the background. Again I'm hoping to establish a fun but spooky mood, that will help establish the overall mood of the NPW universe. Hopefully I'll pull it off.

Check out the finished pages on the NIGHTMARE PRO WRESTLING web comic on Monday.

Hope you have a spooktacular HALLOWEEN!!!


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