Friday, October 23, 2009

Pages 7 and 8 Inks

Here are the inks for pages 7 & 8.

Page 7: Putting together the arena in google sketchup was a pain to do, even if it was just basic elements. I just put together a basic Pro wrestling arena and just drew in the details.

Page 8: This page changed a bit since the pencils. I didn't really like the way the page was flowing so I decided to get rid of a panel and rearrange the rest a bit. I wanted the ring in the training room to look different than the ring in the actual arena. So I didn't add a lot of blacks and changed some shapes. The colors will also be different. I wanted the dumbbell that Grim is using, to be massive. I also wanted it to look a lot more realistic and match the background elements.

I really like the way panel 1 turned out. I wanted to put all this detail in there, along with a few monsters working out. I had wanted to show more of the training room but it would have taken away the focus of the panel. The whole point of that panel is to show you where Grave, Lobo, & Grim are. This will make things easier for the reader and the actions on the page will flow a whole lot better.

Alrighty, well back to work. Check the Nightmare Pro Wrestling web comic on MONDAY for the final pages.


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