Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Cover, pages 1 & 2 INKS!!

Ok back with another quick blog during lunch, then back to work to finish up the new pages of NPW I'm working on.

Alright, well since this was the first official launch week, things are a little disorganized when it come to the blog pencil and ink posts. Originally, Wednesdays=pencils, Fridays=inks, and Mondays=FINISHED PAGES.

Today being Wednesday...right?(checks calendar) Yes. I'm going to post up the pencils for the new pages. However, I'm also going to post the Inks for the three pages that are already up. That's great news right? more content!

Here are the final inks for the cover and pages 1 and 2.

I ink in Illustrator cs4 by the way. I find quicker and it gives me the look I'm going for. I downloaded the ink brushes from a great artist called.... can't remember at the moment but ran across him on the web. I'll post a link in the future when I have more time.

Anyway back to the pages. Not much to say about the cover. I'm really happy with the way it turned out. I had the idea for this cover years ago when the ideas for Nightmare Pro Wrestling were just barely getting started. The earlier drawings, which I plan on posting in the future, SUCK!

This newest version is a lot better and like the story and characters, a lot more fleshed out than they were when I first started the idea.

The Inks of page 1 and 2 went through a few changes. For one, I made the lizard on the door in page 2 bigger.

I also originally had 3 panels on page 1 but felt it slowed down the page too much. Wish I had the pencils to show you, so you can see what I mean.

The doors for the castle are a template I made so I could just cut and paste the image to save time. To get the look I wanted, I drew out the doors using a reference picture and made the changes I wanted to make it spookier and to avoid those pesky copyright issues :/
I ran it through the "cutout" and "posteredges" filters in Photoshop and merged them. Finished by multiplying the original pencils over it and cleaned it up till I was happy with it.

Alright that's it for these pages. You can check out the finished product on

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