Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Pencils PAGES 11 & 12

Not feeling to well, so just gonna get right down to it.

Page 11: This is the introduction of Dr. Nightmare. I wanted to make him creepy and very animated. Animated as in he moves around a lot. The backgrounds for both pages are going to have weird machines and shelves full of weird stuff.

Page 12: This page is the introduction to Grave's dad, Skull. I wanted the first image of him to be powerful, so I posed him in a strong confident pose. This is also the first panel I worked in the word balloons to see where they would look good. Not set on every balloons placement.
The final panel still needs a little work I think. For one, Skull, I feel, is to short. I am also not sure whether I want a table full of weird stuff in the foreground. I'll test it out and see how it looks.

Alright, Sorry for the late post.


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