Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Dark Beard's Curvy Tattoo

So I feel a little disappointed that I couldn't meet my deadline of posting my new pages on Monday. I ended up falling behind, as real life started to catch up to me. I didn't want to just whip the pages together in a hurry and post them. I wanted to give the pages the proper attention and make sure I was happy with the final result.

Even though this caused me to post up the pages pretty late on Monday, I am happy I took my time to finish them up. However, I will do my best to not let that happen again.

Alright, well here's the warm up sketch for today. This is a quick sketch of one of Dark Beard's tattoos. This one is going to have a fun story behind it. I have a single issue planned to flesh out Dark Beard and will include a story of how he got this tattoo so you'll have to stay tuned to see how that turns out.

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