Friday, November 6, 2009

Inks for Pages 11 & 12

I fell a little behind this week since I got sick but I did finish the inks for pages 11 & 12.

PAGE 11: I think I got how quick Grave is grab, thrown, and strapped, pretty well. I'm really happy with the details in the background. If you look closely at panel 7, you can see little creatures in the jars. I'm sure you'll see them a lot better in the final pages. I'm really looking forward to coloring this page. And looking at the page now I'm thinking about adding a stone floor.

PAGE 12: I purposely didn't put a lot of detail in this page for a few reasons. For one I feel like it it slows the page down and this way your eyes aren't going crazy focusing on everything. Two, There will be a lot of word balloons in the last panel, so why put stuff in the background if it's gonna be covered up. Finally, I hate to admit it but the last reason is because needed to save some time so that I can make sure these pages are finished by Monday.

But don't worry, it's not the end of my detailed backgrounds. If I do have some extra time I'll throw something in.


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