Friday, November 13, 2009

PAGE 13 and 14 INKS

I can't believe it's Friday again. Where did the week go? I'm also not looking forward to the end of the's my birthday, I'm getting to old. Oh and by the way HAPPY FRIDAY THE 13TH!!!

Well here are the inks for page 13 & 14. I'm really happy with the amount of detail I was able to put in the panels this time around. These are the first pages that I've noticed a vast improvement in my style. I really like it. I personally think these two pages show that I finally have down the look I want for the comic. As an artist you should always try to improve. I'm not saying I'm great but I'm getting better, LOL.

These are also the first pages that I have lowered the opacity on the background lines. I feel this will allow the readers eyes not to be to overwhelmed with all the detail and will draw their attention to the lines that are important to the story. This is going to be my first time trying out this idea, hope it works.

Alright, well check out the Nightmare Pro Wrestling website on MONDAY for the finished pages.


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