Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Nightmare Pro Wrestling Webcomic Page 24 and 25 Inks

Well here are the Inks for Nightmare Pro Wrestling webcomic pages 24 & 25.
Talk about posting something late, lol.

Well I have developed an inking process that I feel suits the comic better. What I do now is go over my pencils again loosely and add a bit more detail. After that I scan in the pencils and put it through a couple of filters. I use the poster edges & cut out filters to get the pencils where I want them. I then touch them up a bit until I feel they look right.

Once I'm happy with the way they look I bring them into photoshop and put them through Livetrace and TA DA!

The new Inks look a little grittier and hand touched which I think adds to the whole atmosphere of Nightmare Pro Wrestling's world of monsters.


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