Wednesday, January 27, 2010

NPW Comic Page 30 sketches & inks

Page 30!! Oh wow, it feels nice to say that. Not that I hate doing the comic or anything, it will just be nice to be done with Issue #1 and moving on. I'm excited about the story lines I have planed for the first story arc. Take Issue one as a pilot episode, since I was still developing what I wanted during its creation.

Page 30: I've had the idea for this page in my head for a while now. It's nice to finally see it as a page. I took a quick short cut in panel 1. I couldn't get Milky Roach to look right, so I just scanned in an image I already had of him and touched it up. Saved a lot of time.

You will also notice no real speed lines yet. Lately I've been adding those in after the paints, so I have a better idea of how they will look when the image is completed.

Alright gotta get started on painting. Check back Friday to see page 31 Sketches and Inks.


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