Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The Masked Mummy 2

Here's some more of one of the new characters I'm designing for Nightmare Pro Wrestling webcomic. The Masked Mummy!! I did end up changing a few things from the original design,

1. The left arm in the pencils, as I stated in my last Masked Mummy post, was a bit off. I changed his arm slightly and ended up with something I was really happy with. subtle but noticeable.

2. Added a few more bandages and tore them up a bit.

3. Stretched out the image a bit to make him wider than I originally had him.

The colors are not done yet and I'm just messing with colors to see how they look. I ended up with this color scheme and like it so far. Not completely set on it, still gonna mess with some other color ideas.

Alright, hope you all enjoy the beginning stages of the Masked Mummy.


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