Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Victor Monstor redesign!

I've been drawing a lot of The Horde in the last few pages of the Nightmare Pro Wrestling web comic and thought I would go ahead and post up the more recent model sheets I've done of the characters along with the original ones I did two years ago.

First up is Victor Monstor. I've been studying a lot of old Disney and Warner brothers cartoons, for my Dr. Pyewacket and Vladdy comic, and I've noticed that some of that style is creeping into my NPW pages, which I really like.  

The newer style is just so much more fun and expressive. Even the colors feel more cohesive than the old ones. However, I think the old Victor Monstor pose is hilarious and just might use it when I design the new roster images. Still no new design for Lil Fraken. I gotta get to that.


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