Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Adventures at STAPLE!

So my wife (Nicole), my brother, my two sisters, and myself went to Staple, the independent media expo, this past weekend.  It was exciting to see what other artists are doing and chat with them about their work.

The first artist who really caught my eye was a fellow named David DeGrand. He had a lot of great looking prints and a cool comic called "Heeby Jeeby Comix." The comic was an anthology of comics done by David and fellow artists Chris Houghton, Bob Flynn, and Dan Moynihan. The stories included great character designs, monsters, and fun situations. I picked up the comic and thinking about it now, I'm wishing I had picked up one of his prints. David was a cool guy and he even did a quick sketch for me on the end page of the comic. You can check out more of his work over at his site: http://degrandland.com

 We also ran into a friend of Nicole's named Ximena who had a table with a couple of friends. They had some great stuff and my eyes quickly moved to a mini comic they had called "Cobra Commander Comics" and I was sold on the cover alone. Even just flipping through it I knew it was Awesomely hilarious! It was about Bill a beaver, Eric a superhero(?)looking guy, and their new roommate Cobra Commander. GREAT STUFF! Best $1 ever spent and we also had to get a cute pin that Ximena had designed. You can check out their website at: http://mascotwedding.com

Moving down the aisle, we came across Chet Phillips's table and wow! Nicole and I were in awe. He had a bunch of fun stuff. We picked up a trading card set called "World War Monkey" a Portrait of Military Monkeys.  Which was just that, Portraits of Monkeys in military uniforms. We also came across a handbound book, bound by his wife, called "Wrestle Pets." Of course I HAD to get that one. Inside the book had fun drawings of cats and dogs in Lucha Libre outfits along with fun wrestling stats. Chet was really cool and you can check out more of his Amazing work at his site: http://chetart.com

We all left feeling inspired and extremely happy with our experience at Staple. Hopefully me and Nicole will be putting in an appearance of our own at a table there next year.


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