Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Morning Warm up Sketch

Here is a quick warm up sketch I did this morning.  Gave myself thirty minutes to complete it.
 I based the character on Eli from "Let the Right One In", so I guess my Tweet about it not involving monsters wasn't entirely true.
Who is she?  She's a character that's part of a story I've had for a while now. Never really did any designs for it yet, just sketched out some ideas here and there. The suit is used to contain her powers.  I'll get into that and into more of the story when I have some more things to show.
I'm finally going to be working on it and it will be another side project.

The style and suit aren't final yet. The style isn't fun enough, don't want it to be too realistic but I do want it to look different from the projects I'm working on now. The suit looks a little too much like Johann Kraus, from "Hellboy," so I'm gonna try a few other designs until I'm happy with the outcome.



  1. Nice! I'm a sucker for "bubble-headed" spacemen (and women). Looking forward to see how your story shapes up!

  2. reminds me of one of the characters from the magic school bus...but this is much better!!