Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The Werewolf!

Here's my first post for the monster designs of the Dr. Pyewacket and Vladdy comic. I posted on Twitter a while back that I was drawing a fat werewolf, well here he is.

The Werewolf is going to be the first monster Dr. Pyewacket and Vladdy have to deal with in a classic cartoon sorta way. Think of the early Chuck Jones Daffy Duck and Porky Pig cartoons.

His human form, down in the bottom left corner, was based on Lon Chaney jr. Unfortunately, the more of Chaney's features I tried to incorporate the more the character didn't look like he belonged in the same world as the other characters. So I tried to keep the design as simple as possible. I'm still not one-hundred percent sure about it. Nicole suggested I just design my own guy...I might end up going in that direction.

Well hope you enjoy the Werewolf, I'll be posting up some more designs up soon.


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