Monday, January 24, 2011

New Character Designs

Things have been really busy lately, not just with work but with preparing Nightmare Pro Wrestling for the year 2011. We have a lot of things planned, a new NPW website, doing some merchandise and getting ready to jump into doing comic book conventions and similar shows.

Outside of the realm of NPW, Nicole is still working on her book, refining it and coming up with new and fun ideas for stories. You can take a look at her stuff over at her blog The Minted Mouse.

I've been working on a couple of comic book side projects that are going to be mini comics, I'll be posting things up once I have more to share.

After going through some of the older work for NPW, I want to share a comparison of the old character designs with the new ones. In a lot of ways the 1st and 2nd Issues of NPW were experiments with figuring out how to do inks, lighting, backgrounds, paneling, etc. So with the start of Issue 3, I wanted to update all the character designs to reflect more of a sense of each characters personality. I also tried to make them look more fun and interesting with design and color.'s almost a little painful to look at the old designs but at least I can say I've learned a lot since starting. I'm excited to see how much more the characters will change as I continue to working on NPW and growing as an artist.

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