Thursday, June 10, 2010

Sketches for a new Vampire Comic

So here are a few sketches for a new project I have stewing on the back burner. It's a Vampire comic and no, there will not be any teen angst or sparkling -- I want to bring Vampires back to their Monster origins. You know, Vampires that carry  the plaque of death with them, control nocturnal creatures, change into bats, look like monsters...that sorta thing. I don't have the story ironed out all the way yet but I'm hoping to soon.

These sketches are just ideas right now and the designs will probably change as I work more on the various monsters and characters in the story. I'll be sure post updates on the story, inspiration, and any new concept sketches I do. Take these as an appetizer of things to come.



  1. A new project? Sweet! No teen angst-ridden vampires? Even better!

    The sketches look great, Jon. Is that a Frankenstein Monster I see tucked in the bottom there...?

  2. hahaha, Thanks man.

    That character is going to have a similar origin to the Frankenstein Monster. He is not "The" Frankenstein Monster. Think he needs some more scars and stitches :)