Thursday, February 25, 2010

Nightmare Pro Wrestling Issue 2 Page 1 Inks.

So this is my second and I feel better try at Page 1 of Issue 2. Unfortunately, I was unhappy with my first design of the this page and was in such a hurry to correct it, I forgot to save the original design and the roughs of both. Won't happen again.

The original image on panel 1 had the Nightmare Tortoise turned a lot more to the right. It looked way too ordinary and being the biggest panel on the page, I wanted something a bit more dynamic. So I turned him a bit and did a upshot of him, with the results looking a lot better.

The concept of the Nightmare Tortoise is that he carries Nightmare Castle to the next location that Nightmare Pro Wrestling is supposed to have a show. He tends to destroy cities and things along his journey but the monsters in this world don't really care because Nightmare Pro Wrestling is such a big and important part of life here in this world.

Alright, I will hopefully have the roughs and Inks up of Page 2 up on Friday. I should be starting them today.


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